Boxing & Packaging

White-Glove Boxing Explanation

The “white-glove” boxing charge is a fee that Gage Glass must charge to protect the glass from breakage during transit. Gage Glass will fully guarantee the glass will arrive unbroken and ready for use. Below is a price chart of the charged that have been added on to the glass during the “add to cart” process. These charges show a breakdown below in six- and 18-pack quantities, along with the length. You are not charged per piece but per six or 18 pack, depending on the length and the quantity. Example: The box charge for one piece is the same as for six pieces, and the box charge for seven pieces is the same as for up to 18.

PPI Six-Pack

The standard tubular gauge glass packaging unit is six pieces per case when ordering standard or nonstandard lengths. The six pack was designed to accommodate standard and nonstandard lengths ordered by distributors in less than the Duran® standard packaging unit of 12 pieces per case. Duran® standard and nonstandard factory stock lengths, lengths cut to order or lengths ordered in less than case quantities are packaged in the six pack. The packaging unit is constructed of single corrugated cardboard with burst strength of 275 pounds, with foam inserts and end-blocks isolating each piece of glass and providing ample shipping protection.

U-Board Bulk Pack

The Bulk Pack is recommended to tubular gauge glass exceeding 48 inches in length, and Duran® tubular gauge glass ordered in sizes other than standard factory stock lengths, lengths cut to order or lengths ordered in less than case quantities exceeding 48 inches in length.

The U-Board Bulk Pack is constructed of double-wall laminated cardboard with a wall thickness of 0.200 inches, formed in a U shape and treated with a moisture-resistant coating. Two U-board sections are used for top and bottom with wood end-blocks to form a package or crate with extraordinary strength.


***More than 18 pieces, please call 800-780-3776 for pricing or for charge on nonstandard lengths***