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When working with a boiler, oven, furnace or similar equipment, it is sometimes necessary to make an inspection or view the conditions inside the vessel, but this presents multiple challenges for workers or operators. Conditions inside the boiler, oven or furnace are often dangerous, even when the equipment is not in use. A Saf-T-Port viewing window makes it easy to conduct an inspection or observe the activity in the device. Saf-T-Port viewing windows can be installed in almost any equipment and will offer a full view of the interior when installed at the right angle.

Saf-T-Ports provide a viewing window that is encased in a sturdy metal housing, constructed to stand up to the harsh conditions in hot and caustic environments. With a glass lens made from borosilicate, cobalt blue or quartz glass, you can customize the Saf-T-Port to best suit the heat and pressure conditions inside the chamber or vessel you need to observe. A stainless steel shutter and screen protects the viewing glass when the equipment is not in use and the glass can be removed if necessary for cleaning. The Saf-T-Port is also equipped with a purge hole where nitrogen or air can be injected to provide additional cooling, and additional sealant can be applied to improve the seals for using the Saf-T-Port in high-pressure settings.

With different sizes and viewing windows at different angles available, Gage Glass makes it easy to find a design that will give you maximum visibility of the area. Individual configurations can be changed on the Saf-T-Port to suit your needs, including the fabrication materials, using high-temperature and high-pressure seals, changing the size of the purge hole, or adding holes to the safety shutter to increasing cooling capabilities. Click through the product options below for more information or call Gage Glass at 800-780-3776 to learn more.