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Gage Glass provides a complete array of gauge glass products for all types of equipment and uses. Using the highest quality materials and careful testing, each gauge glass is certain to stand up to toughest conditions. Choosing the right gauge glass for your needs is important, and Gage Glass makes it easy to find and order the exact item that you need. With quick turnarounds and delivery, you can get the item that you need fast, allowing you to get your new equipment up and running or make necessary repairs or improvements.

It is important to get an accurate measurement of the liquid level of your boiler, holding tank, mixing tank or another vessel. These flat gauge glasses are designed to let a technician, operator or another employee see directly into the vessel and observe the liquid level and conditions in the tank. Since every vessel is only as strong as its weakest part, it is essential to ensure that your flat gauge glass is as strong as the rest of the vessel that won’t buckle under pressure. Gage Glass supplies flat gauge glasses made from borosilicate glass that are crafted to hold up in even the toughest conditions. Borosilicate glass is specially formulated to withstand high temperatures, high pressure and even chemical erosion. These glasses are developed to hold up as strong as the metal and plastic vessels they are attached to, meaning you never have to worry about leaks, breaks or other damages.

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