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Gage Glass provides a complete range of parts, components and accessories needed to repair, install or replace all types of gauges and gauge glass. Regardless of the process fluid you are working with, the application or the type of equipment you have, you will find the parts that you need online at Gage Glass.

The flat glass gaskets available may be used for general purposes or volatile environments where high temperatures and high pressure levels are a concern. The flat glass gaskets are built and carefully tested to ensure they withstand potentially hazardous environments without warping or cracking.

These general purpose gaskets are made for most uses and are suitable for most liquids at temperatures below 600 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures under 1,200 PSI. This includes hot water as well as mild acids, alkaline and inert gases. If you are working with much hotter liquids, corrosive acids or environments with even high pressure levels, a grafoil flat glass gasket will meet your needs. Flexible graphite gaskets are specially design to handle the harsh demands of intense environments and potentially hazardous process fluids. A stainless steel insert around the graphite edge helps the gasket to retain its shape even when exposed to high-pressure and high-temperature environments. These gaskets are suitable for liquids between 400 and 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the oxidation environment, and both types of gaskets are sold in packages of six or 12.
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