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Gage Glass supplies all the parts, tools and components you need to install virtually any liquid level gauge or make repairs. Gage Glass chooses all items in stock carefully and works with only the best suppliers to ensure all parts meet the highest quality standards.

Over time, however, certain parts and components will inevitably begin to wear down. With replacement parts, you can keep your equipment in full working order and prevent any minor issues from becoming bigger problems. The array of washers supplied by Gage Glass will allow you to repair any equipment that has worn down or easily install a new liquid level gauge on your tank, reservoir, vat or another vessel.

Gage Glass supplies washers made from a diverse selection of materials, including brass, EPDM, grafoil, graphite and Teflon. If you are working with materials that are corrosive, conductive or especially hot or cold, the material choice when selecting washers is very important. Materials like EPDM will resist corrosion from a wide variety of sources, including acids, alkalis, detergents, phosphates, ketones and more, for example. These washers will also resist warping when exposed to high temperatures and they will not break down and cause leeching when exposed to liquids at high pressure levels.

Gage Glass supplies washers in a wide array of different sizes to suit your needs and makes it easy to choose the quantity that you need.
Click below to learn more about any type of washer or to choose your sizes and place an order. Gage Glass will deliver your items quickly and so they arrive on-time and in impeccable condition. For more information or if you have any questions, call Gage Glass today at 800-780-3776.