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Gage Glass supplies gauge glass with superior durability. With high-pressure and low-pressure gauge glass available for nearly any application, you can easily find gauge glass to suit your needs. Gage Glass also supplies replacement parts and gauge glass repair kits so you can easily repair any damages to your gauge.

While the gauge glasses made from borosilicate glass are extremely durable and will hold up to high pressure, high temperatures and even withstand corrosive chemicals, accidents can always happen. If your gauge glass has been damaged, you do not need to replace the entire part. A gauge glass repair kit will allow you to restore your gauge from MacBeth, Clark Reliance, Ernst, Penberthy, Klinger, Jerguson and Pyrex.

A broken or cracked gauge glass not only puts the equipment at risk and may cause the process fluid to leak, but it also makes it difficult to see the process fluid inside. A heavy impact or pressure which exceeds the glass’s parameters can cause it to crack. The gauge glass repair kit allows you to repair the glass and return it to its original state at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement. You may wish to keep a gauge glass repair kit on hand in case of damages to your gauge glass, or you may order a gauge glass repair kit to restore or refurbish a damaged gauge when you need.

If your glass has been damaged, order a gauge glass repair kit today and restore the glass yourself. Click on the gauge glass repair kits to learn more. Choose your gauge glass size or call Gage Glass at 800-780-3776 for more information.