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KENCO reflex and transparent liquid level gauges are some of the toughest and most durable liquid gauges available. If you are working with process fluids at temperatures or pressure levels that would exceed the limits of other gauges, KENCO reflex and transparent gauges will give you the durability that you need. These gauges are easy to install and exceptionally easy to use, and they work with almost any process fluid. With a wide variety of customizable options and features available, Gage Glass makes it easy to find the gauge that works best with your equipment and process fluid.

KENCO reflex and transparent liquid level gauges are specially made to withstand high temperatures and high-pressure environments. These gauges allow you to directly observe the liquid or the liquid levels, where the heat, pressure or nature of the liquid would otherwise create a dangerous observation area. The reflex and transparent liquid level gauges are constructed slightly differently, so the liquid level can be viewed under different circumstances. However, all gauges include the same general construction, consisting of a chamber where the process fluid flows through, a glass to view the fluid, a cover to protect the glass, a gasket and cushion, and bolts, studs and nuts to secure the gauge. Reflex gauges use light refraction to show the presence or absence of liquid in the chamber, and transparent gauges use a double-sided window to light the liquid from each side.

To learn more about KENCO flat glass gauges or for help finding the right reflex and transparent liquid level gauge for your business or operation, call Gage Glass at 800-780-3776 today.