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If your liquid level gauge is damaged, it not only makes it more difficult to get accurate readings, but it can even cause injuries if the liquid is allowed to escape. Gage Glass supplies a number of KENCO safeguard protective liquid level gauges that are designed to stand up to heavy impacts as well as high-pressure, high-temperature or corrosive process liquids. With dozens of KENCO protective liquid level gauges to choose from, you can easily find a design that best suits your equipment, process fluid, operations and facility.

KENCO safeguard liquid level gauges are built to last, and designed for the easiest installation and use. KENCO has perfected the design of liquid level gauges, so they can suit almost any type of equipment or application, even areas where space is limited and the configuration of the tank makes it difficult to mount a liquid level gauge. The extra reinforcement around the KENCO safeguard and protective liquid level gauges means that heavy impacts or harsh environments around the gauge won’t cause the gauge to warp, crack or break off. Special design considerations also optimize the safety and usability of the liquid level gauges, while also making them easier to install.

Featuring metal framing around three sides of the gauge and a polycarbonate shield on the face, these gauges are designed to provide superior protection in any application. These gauges can also be customized to suit your needs, including customization of the valve style, gauge style, size and construction materials, among others. Shields can also be calibrated to provide readings on tank volume or other desired calibrated information.
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