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If you are working with hot alkaline or acidic solutions, a mica shield is the best way to protect the integrity of your gauge glass. Over time, these liquids will wear down even the toughest gauge glass, causing it to eventually crack. A mica shield helps to prevent corrosion and extends the lifetime of the gauge glass. Gage Glass provides an array of different mica shields in various sizes so you can find the purity, durability and size that you need for your equipment or application.

Mica shields are divided into different quality groups as well as different sizes. The mica shield that you need depends on the type of process fluid you are working with and your application. Mica shields at the highest quality level, designated by V1, are clear and flat, providing the highest level of visibility as well as protection. V1 mica is not obstructed by cracks, air pockets, colors or other factors.

V2 mica shields are slightly colored, and are considered to be navy-grade quality. V4 mica shields will have more noticeable discoloration, and may contain some air pockets and a slightly wavy appearance. These mica shields still provide suitable protection from steam and alkaline solutions, but have some reduced visibility. Mica shields are divided into quality designations through a visual inspection.

For more information on each of the different mica shields available, click into the specific size and type of mica shield you need. Place an order conveniently online now, or call Gage Glass today at 800-780-3776 for more information or help finding the right shield for your operations.