Product Details

Conbraco 20-150 Complete Assembly

Conbraco 20-100 & 20-150 Liquid Level Water Gauges


Use for all types of liquid level verification; available with 1/2″ NPT male pipe connections.
Aluminum or plastic composition hand wheels; EPDM gauge glass gaskets standard.  Other glass gaskets available.
Automatic ball checks (20-150 / 20-151) help prevent the loss of fluids should the glass be broken.

  • Automatic ball checks standard on 20-150 & 20-151 models NOT on 20-104 or 20-105 models
  • Standard 1/4″ needle drain valve in lower arm
  • Rated: 125 psig @ 350°F, 300 psig @ 100°F ( Service ratings are subject to pressure/temperature ratings of gauge glass and glass gaskets)
  • CRN Registered OF6616.5C
  • For a complete unit you would need  (1 set of upper & lower valves, 1 piece of tubular gage glass & 2 copper or SS protection rods) you would use provide formula below.

Formula to determine glass and rod lengths below.
20-100 & 20-150 Series
Glass Length: (Center to Center Dimension) – 1-1/4″
Rod Length: (Glass Length) + 2″

All Gauges Below are Upper & Lower Valves Only with No Glass or Rods. Use formula above to determine glass lengths which can be purchased in the Tubular Glass Section