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Conbraco 20-100 & 20-150 Liquid Level Water Gauges

Use for all types of liquid level verification; available with 1/2″ NPT male pipe connections.
Aluminum or plastic composition hand wheels; EPDM gauge glass gaskets standard.
Automatic ball checks (20-150 / 20-151) help prevent the loss of fluids should the glass be broken.

  • Automatic ball checks standard on 20-150 & 20-151 models NOT on 20-104 or 20-105 models
  • Standard 1/4″ needle drain valve in lower arm
  • Rated: 125 psig @ 350°F, 300 psig @ 100°F ( Service ratings are subject to pressure/temperature ratings of gauge glass and glass gaskets)
  • CRN Registered OF6616.5C

* Automatic Ball Checks
All Gauges Below are Upper & Lower Valves Only with No Glass or Rods. Use formula above to determine glass lengths which can be purchased in the Tubular Glass Section

Formula to determine glass and rod lengths below.
20-100 & 20-150 Series
Glass Length: (Center to Center Dimension) – 1-1/4″
Rod Length: (Glass Length) + 2″



To size glass lengths and rods:

Glass should be 1-1/4″ shorter than center to center distance of connections to vessel.

Rod length (two rods per set) is 2″ longer than center to center distance of connection to vessel.

Conbraco 20-100 & 20-150 Series requires 2 guard rods.

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