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Q-Silicate Reflex Flat Glass

Quality borosilicate flat gage glasses are now the industry standard in boiler glass and is now available at economy pricing.

*NOTE* Quantity pricing is available upon request for sizes 7 though 9 in either plain or reflex.

Quality Transparent and Reflex Replacement glass for Macbeth , Maxos, klingler , Schott , Jerguson , Clark Relience , Inferno.

Designed to use in armored-type liquid level gages, Type-B Reflex Gage Glass is made for extra ease in locating liquid levels. This gage glass has vertical prisms extending the full viewing length of the glass. The prism side faces the liquid. The sections of the prisms not covered with the liquid reflect light spectacularly. Therefore, the liquid level stands out very clearly from a long distance away.



A reflex gauge is more complex in construction but can give a clearer distinction between gas (steam) and liquid (water). Instead of containing the media in a glass tube, the gauge consists of a vertically oriented slotted metal body with a strong glass plate mounted on the open side of the slot facing the operator. The rear of the glass, in contact with the media, has grooves moulded into its surface, running vertically. The grooves form a zig-zag pattern with 90° angles. Incident light entering the glass is refracted at the rear surface in contact with the media. In the region that is contact with the gas, most of the light is reflected from the surface of one groove to the next and back towards the operator, appearing silvery white. In the region that is in contact with the liquid, most of the light is refracted into the liquid causing this region to appear almost black to the operator. Well-known makes of reflex gauge are IGEMA,TGI Ilmadur,Penberthy, Jerguson, Klinger, and Cesare-Bonetti. Due to the caustic nature of boiler anti-scaling treatments (“water softeners”), reflex gauges tend to become relatively rapidly etched by the water and lose their effectivess at displaying the liquid level. Therefore, bi-colour gauges are recommended for certain types of boiler, particularly those operating at pressure above 60 bar.


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