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Even slight differences between gauge glasses can make a big difference on the performance of your equipment and how easy it is to read liquid levels. It is important to use gauge glass that is suitable for the materials and processes you are working with, but still gives you the visibility that you need. Gage Glass supplies tubular redline high-pressure gauge glass that will endure the harshest conditions while still making flow and liquid levels easy to read. With different diameters of redline gauge glass available in different lengths, Gage Glass makes it easy to find the type of glass and the size that you need.

When you are working with clear liquids – the most common being water – it can be difficult to read through the glass where the water line is. The vessel may be full or empty, but it’s hard to tell with a colorless liquid. Redline gauge glass solves this problem with the addition of a highlighted red line that stands out boldly in the presence of a clear liquid. Redline tubular glass shows the fill level of the tank or reservoir by amplifying the red line, making the current level much more obvious. This makes redline tubular gauge glass perfect for use with a range of ranks, low-pressure boilers, reservoirs and more.

Order redline tubular high pressure gauge glass for your tank, reservoir, boiler or flow meter today from Gage Glass. Click on products below to learn more about product specifications, lengths and case quantities for each item, or contact Gage Glass by calling 800-780-3776 for more information.