When it comes to inspecting and viewing furnaces, ovens, boiler walls and other potentially dangerous areas, proper safety is essential. Without a proper inspection, damages to the equipment may go overlooked, creating even bigger problems. When conducting inspections of these areas, it is important to do so from a safe area.

Saf-T-Eye ports and blast gate valves allow the inspector, operator or technician to view the area from a safe distance behind some of the strongest glass on the market. These devices are specially constructed to give the viewer optimal visibility, while creating the highest level of protection from dangerous environments.

Saf-T-Eye observation ports can be placed nearly anywhere on the furnace, oven or other area, providing a full view of the environment while creating a comfortable viewing position for the inspector or operator. Saf-T-Eye observation ports can be outfitted with different types of lenses including borosilicate, cobalt blue and quartz, providing ideal protection for any environment or application. The high-quality glass – surrounded by a cast iron, stainless steel or carbon steel housing – protects the viewer from high heat or other dangerous operations.

Varying features, materials and size configurations are available so you can customize your observation port or blast gate observation port to best suit your equipment or application. Wing nuts on the observation ports allow the glass to be removed for safe cleaning and maximum visibility, and will provide a secure hold and airtight seal while the port is in use.

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