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Kenco K9900 Series Liquid Level Gauge

The patented K9900 Series Level Gauge features an innovative casting design which will simplify the installation process and eliminate other typical problems associated with gauge glass. The K9900 Series incorporates floating misalignment unions, which will allow the process connection centerlines to vary +/-1/4″. The gauge also has integral offset pattern valves with ball check shutoffs. 1/2″ FNPT vent and drain connections are inline for routine sight glass maintenance. The K9900 Series Level Gauge delivers a safe, low maintenance, cost effective solution to common sight glass applications.

  • This is a critical dimension to determine the length of the gauge. K99: Center-to-Center Dimension (inches) K9957: Lower Connection Centerline to Top of Gauge (inches)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.



  • Low to medium pressure applications up to 500 psi
  • Bulk storage tanks
  • Marine
  • Low pressure scrubbers and surge tanks
  • Seal pots
  • Cooling tower water tanks
  • Oil or fuel storage tanks
  • Boiler feedwater tanks


  • Floating misalignment unions allow process connection centerlines to vary +/- 1/4″
  • Offset pattern check valves with ball check shutoffs
  • Ball check shutoff valves protect tank inventory
  • Tubular sight glass allows for easy viewing of liquid level
  • Innovative casting design includes all necessary mounting components up to process connection
  • Rugged armored gauge construction protects sight glass from mechanical impact
  • 1/2″ vent and drain ports for routine gauge glass maintenance
  • Additional 1/4″ port available for optional mounting of other instrumentation for level gauge monitoring
  • Custom scales for tank volume or other calibrations are available
  • Armored frame and polycarbonate shield protect operator in case of accident

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